I-4 Connector, the elevated highway linking I-4, Selmon (Crosstown) Expressway, is open to commuters

TAMPA, Fla. -

F-DOT and construction crews have finished putting the final touches on the I-4/Selmon Expressway Connector, and it opened early Monday morning.


The one-mile stretch of road was under construction since 2010, and is finally complete, at an estimated cost of $421 million.


The connector is expected to handle 20,000 cars a day for commuters going between the Selmon Expressway (formerly known as the Crosstown Expressway) and Interstate 4.


"It's probably one of the largest and most complex projects done in this district," said DOT spokesperson John McShaffrey.


The project consists of several flyovers and bridges.


It was initially conceptualized in a grand master plan for Tampa Bay Highways back in the 1980s, according to FDOT, but recent growth has spurred its necessity.


Relieving Ybor City surface streets from Port of Tampa truck traffic was a big part of the eventual equation.


"It's going to be great for 21st and 22nd Streets in particular. The trucks will want to use this route because it's going to save them time and money," said DOT spokesperson John McShaffrey.


Fares for most cars will range between $.25 and $1.25, while most Port of Tampa trucks will pay around $1.


Cash will not be accepted on the I-4 Connector according to the DOT.


"It will be billed by Sunpass or Toll-By-Plate, but we really encourage people to get the Sunpass, because that's the best and quickest way," John McShaffrey said.

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