Hundreds of potential teachers to be interviewed for Hillsborough County positions

HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. - This morning, Hillsborough County school leaders could meet the person who'll teach your child in just a few short months.

At Jefferson High Dchool, a teaching job fair is being held for schools that need the most help.


This is a great opportunity for those who qualify, but his not an open door job fair, all the potential teachers being interviewed had to be pre-qualified.  


In this two-day job fair, there are two areas where they're looking to hire teachers.


The first is called "teacher interview days". For day one, today at Jefferson High, school administrators are going to meet with 350 pre-qualified teacher candidates who have already jumped all the hurdles and passed all their exams to teach in middle and high school.

On tomorrow,

Day two, they'll be interviewing 825 potential hopefuls for positions in kindergarten thru grade 5.


The other section is the "renaissance expo".


"renaissance schools" are those schools in the district that are.. High need schools:

- Schools where at least 90% of the students qualify for the subsidized lunch program.


More than 400 individuals are interviewing for that. Those interviews go today, starting at 7a.m.

The difference in the two is teachers who land a job in a renaissance school normally get a 2 to 5 percent pay increase.

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