How to protect your dog from two new viruses

TAMPA - Hillsborough County Animal Services is warning dog owners to avoid dog parks, or anywhere that your dog would be exposed to other dogs, after confirming two new viruses in the community.

Eleven of the dogs at the shelter were tested for Respiratory Coronavirus and Pneumovirus as part of a research study being done by Cornell University. Shelter officials say several of the dogs tested positive.

Dr. Lisa Tipton, the shelter veterinarian, advises dog owners to watch for flu like symptoms.

"Running eyes, runny nose, sneezing or coughing. If your dog has any of these symptoms you should immediately contact your veterinarian," said Dr. Tipton.

Dr.Tipton is treating the dogs at the shelter with antibiotics, and the shelter isn't taking in any dogs for at least two weeks.

"We're also going to quarantine our animals to a particular area of the shelter, and we're not going to release dogs, except to their owners, for the next two weeks or until the veterinarian has determined the virus is no longer in the shelter," said Ian Hellet, Director of Hillsborough County Animal Services.

If your dog has flu like symptoms, authorities say you should contact your veterinarian immediately.


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