Ethel Anderson, former Mango Elementary teacher takes stand in molestation case

Ethel Anderson faces nine felony counts

HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. - A 14-year-old boy testified Wednesday that when he was a 12-years-old, his former elementary school teacher and tutor told him she loved him.

He also testified that Ethel Anderson asked if he ever consider having a baby with her.

Ethel Anderson wept in court and then took the stand in her own defense.

She testified that she never engaged in inappropriate sex acts with a 12-year-old student. She did admit to sending inappropriate texts because she feared he was emotionally unstable.

But that student, who turned 14-years-old Tuesday, said the two had a three-month relationship with his 5th grade teacher Ethel Anderson.

He said Anderson was also his fourth grade teacher and first grade teacher.

Anderson faces nine felony counts of lewd and lascivious molestation.  T

he 30-year-old turned down a 15 year prison deal followed by 15 years of probation, deciding to take her chances with a six person jury- three women and three men.

"I felt like she was a girlfriend, I loved her and she said that I was her boyfriend and she loved me," said the boy who we are not identifying, due to the nature of these charges.

"She would kiss me on the neck and ears and stuff like that," he continued.

Kissing, touching and more the boy testified happening in Anderson's Riverview home, where she privately tutored him. 

A home she shared with her husband, child and even another teacher.

The boy said relationship started just months after his 12th birthday.

And it was him, who did not want it to go further.

"We sat on the couch and we started doing sexual stuff, at first I told her to stop and she was rubbing on my leg but then it just led to more," he said. "She would say she wanted me so bad and she wanted me to go farther i just did not want to lose my virginity to a teacher."

The boy's mother, who we are also not identifying, took the stand.

She told the jury she alerted authorities. Deputies asked her to wear a wire and meet Anderson. Jurors heard that secretly recorded conversation.

At first, Anderson denies the allegations.

"Oh my gosh no," Anderson could be heard saying.

The mother remains calm throughout the entire conversation, although in court she wept after hearing it replayed.
She kept pressing Anderson, who cried  so hard it's hard to understand her reply.

"Did you touch him, Did you do this to him?" Anderson wept and her response was unintelligible.

Anderson eventually admits in the tape,  they had oral sex.

In her testimony, Anderson testified she only admitted to sex acts in the secretly recorded confession by the boy's mother, only because that is what she thought the mother wanted to hear.

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