Pub Pros pick the Super Bowl winner in the 4th episode of Bar Side Sports Jive

Bar Side Sports Jive - Super Bowl 48 who will win?

LUTZ, Fla. - So who is going to win the big game? Super Bowl 48 the Denver Broncos or the Seattle Seahawks?

I went to The House of Brews in Lutz, just off N Dale Mabry and talked to the Pub Pros.

Why are they Pub Pros? Over the course of any season, with multiple TV's on in any given sports bar, the guys who work there have not just seen one or two games, they have seen EVERY game on TV.

So they have more of an insight into who is going to win than anyone else. Only problem is they just can't agree who that might be.

So who will win, the Broncos or the Seahawks? Find out in the 4th episode of Bar Side Sports Jive.

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