Deputy injured during school bus fight says kids need to 'grow up'

School officials looking into another bus brawl

TAMPA - Friday morning a Blake High School student says he was beat up on his bus. This comes a day after a deputy was injured in a school bus brawl in Temple Terrace.

Deputy Troy Fallin, broken finger in a splint, describes a chaotic scene from Thursday afternoon. He thought the bus was broken down, but quickly realized there was a fight on board.

He says the 8th grade student from Greco Middle School that pushed him over wasn't even involved in that fight.

"He went to walk by and I told him that he's not going to leave and he pulls away and full force hits me the chest," said Fallin.

Meanwhile, school district officials are looking into another incident that happened Friday morning.  A student tells us he was beat up by three guys who jumped on his bus bound for Blake High School. The victim says two of them aren't even in school.

"At this point I can't tell you whether the kids that got on the bus are our students or not because they didn't stay on the bus for very long," said Hillsborough Co. School District spokesperson Steve Hegarty.

School officials say all bus drivers have a roster of the students on their bus and this far into the school year they should recognize who doesn't belong.

No arrests were made in Friday's alleged attack.

But five students, including the one who injured Deputy Fallin, were arrested for Thursday's violence in Temple Terrace.

Investigators say other students on the bus added to the chaos by taunting the officers with profanity.

"Some of them need to grow up and they have to realize they have to maintain some kind of peace," said Fallin.

"I think there are a lot of (parents) that send their kids on the bus every day with no incidents whatsoever. It's unfortunate that we've had one after another right here," said Hegarty.

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