Drunken fight leads to one dead the other in custody

TAMPA - Hillsborough County deputies are investigating an argument that turned deadly early Saturday morning.  It happened at 1923 South 66th Street.

Initial reports say Ivan Echevarria, 40, and Luis Rojas, 79, were drinking together when the two men got into an argument, which escalated into a fight.

According to a release, not long after the brawl, Echevarria passed out due to being so drunk. When he later awoke he found Rojas dead and himself covered in blood.

He ran to a neighbors house banging on their door yelling for them to call police. Echevarria then lead police and his neighbors to Rojas' body.

Echevarria is being charged with second degree murder. Deputies say he has been cooperating throughout the investigation.

Deputies initially believe Rojas died due to homicidal violence.

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