CVS stopping cigarette sales,will lose $2 billion dollars

HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. - CVS has announced that by October, it will no longer sell cigarettes at their 7,600 stores.

According to CVS, the feeling is marketing themselves as a wellness center and selling cigarettes does not work.

The move will cost the company $2 billion a year.

Local public relations and marketing pro, Lisa Brock, from Brock Communications, believes CVS may also be looking to the future and their future customers.

"The millennials versus baby boomers," she explained. "We know that Gen-X, Gen-Y wants the truth and they don't want corporations telling them one thing and doing another. So, as they age up and we age out, it is possible that you'll see more of this kind of thing."

But where does it stop?

CVS also carries items that have recently come under fire, like soft drinks, or for that matter, beer and wine.

Brock says each company will draw a line in the sand and then its customers will decide if they are going to cross or not.

She also says the other thing to watch will be CVS' competitors, like Walgreens, to see if they follow suit.

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