What your mouth tells you about your body

Most dentists and holistic healers will say you can tell a lot about what's going on inside your body by taking a closer look inside your mouth.

Chris Dziubinski is a doctor of oriental medicine.

She teaches seminars on improving your health by using lessons from eastern medicine.

Through a power point presentation, she tells her audiences that changes in the tongue, like cracks, grooves, dots and spots, can be an early indicator of problems with your internal organs.

"The tongue is very vascular, so it should be pink", said Dziubinksi. "If the tongue is pale, usually I'm thinking the patient has some kind of blood problem, anemia or low blood counts.

If the tongue isn't getting the right amount of blood flow, the rest of the organs aren't either."

Dziubinki said a lot of people have cracks in the middle of their tongue. While she said most are normal, she added that deeper cracks can indicate digestive problems.

Dr. David Kirkpatrick is a board certified oral surgeon who treats oral diseases and reconstructs damaged teeth at Florida Dental Implants and Oral Surgery in Lakeland.

He said poor health can lead to diseases, like gum or periodontal disease and that can affect the rest of your body.

He said a low grade infection could lead to an increased risk of heart attack.

He added that periodontal disease can also impact the effect insulin has on the body. "You can actually make your sugar go higher", said Dr. Kirkpatrick.

He said prevention, through brushing and flossing, is key.

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