Taking Action for your Health: Treating skin cancer without surgery with Electron Beam Therapy

TAMPA - Today many types of skin cancer can be treated without surgery.

Dr. Gerald Sokol at Florida Cancer Specialists is using a less invasive approach called Electron Beam Therapy.

"Well, electron beam treatment treats skin cancer by basically spraying a very superficial lethal spray of electrons. Electrons are the things that run light bulbs. It's not X-rays. It's not the
kind of treatment that goes through your entire body, but by ablating a superficial layer of skin or the cancer, basically with tremendous cosmetic success and very high local control, we're able to expunge cancers and it
works very nicely", said Dr. Sokol.

He added that there is no cutting or bleeding and the chances of infection are extremely small.

Medical oncologist Gail Wright said many skin cancers no longer require traditional surgery.

"It works best on squamous cell skin cancers and basal cell skin cancers. Melanoma is a different type of skin cancer that has a lot more risk of invasion and spread, so traditionally, it's not treated that way.
"We're able to save noses and ears without scarring and maintain a good cosmetic appearance", said Dr. Sokol.

For more information, click here www.flcancer.com

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