Surgical options may help women treat infertility

TAMPA - Many women who struggle with infertility problems are turning to surgical options to help them conceive.

Monica Socha said she and her husband spent a decade trying to get pregnant.

"We did five artificial inseminations and you can imagine every time we did that, it was like a roller coaster. We said yes, this is the time, we were happy. We were starting to think about names and it didn't happen", said Socha.

She went to The Reproductive Medicine Group, where Dr. Samuel Tarantino Figured out a physical obstacle keeping her from conceiving.

"She was very anemic", said Dr. Tarantino, "She had a lot of pain and she had multiple fibroids. So, with her, I had to go in first and remove the fibroids".

They went in robotically and removed some of her other fibroids.

Dr. Tarantino said other problems that might be solved by surgery and also increase fertility include fixing abnormal fallopian tubes and getting rid of endometriosis.

Once Monica's fibroids were removed, she conceived naturally.

"I have Adrian. He's now five months old and he's an angel", said Socha.

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