Stimulate your muscles into fitness? E-Fit claims it takes 20 minutes twice a week

E-Fit arrives in Tampa

TAMPA - Carolyn guard is suiting up for a unique workout. "My goal primarily was to get off the last ten pounds of baby weight." And to burn fat.

After trying numerous workouts and diets she saw info on e-fit on Facebook. 4 U fitness owner Daniel Nyiri says E-Fit is a workout that uses this computerized machine to deliver 36,000 muscle contractions in 20 minutes.

"The unique thing about this is its only 20 minutes but is ten times more effective than regular training. You're wearing a full body suit and each muscle group has its own connection to electrodes which we actually invented and came up with. It connects to the muscle and basically stimulates it with electricity which has been used by NASA, by the way, for their astronauts."

Okay, but is it safe? Nyiri says, "We had to test it in the European Union. We tested it on hundreds of people."

But Daniel say they're still waiting for final FDA approval here. "Chiropractors are already using this technology, but a lower version."

Carolyn wasn't nervous to try it.

"I had seen an acupuncture physician before and have had some of that stimulation before on a hip injury so I kind of knew what it was going to feel like. My son, who did it with me, was very nervous. He thought he was going to be electrocuted."

Carolyn swears by the workout - 20 minutes twice a week - saying in 5 weeks she lost 8 pounds - five percent of her body weight and gained muscle definition.

"Just how I look and my friends have noticed a huge change.  I have four friends who have already joined."

Daniel says changing the way you eat is part of his plan - but you can eat carbs!  Just at the right time of the day. As with any workout, we must advise, you should talk to your doctor first.

But Daniel says if you don't believe it works you can come for a free first appointment.  After that,  it's $50 a session.

4 U Fitness is located at 4036 W Kennedy Blvd, Tampa, Fla. 33609

Check out their Facebook page here:

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