Some 'healthy' foods have hidden sugar; some tips to curb sugar addiction

How to detect hidden sugars in kid's food

TAMPA - A local doctor warns that our kids are consuming three times more sugar than the recommended daily allowance for adults.  We're taking action with a strategy to help curb those sugar addictions.

Doctor Tim Bain says if we stopped to read labels, we'd see just how much sugar is in what we feed our kids, even the foods we believe are healthy.

Dr. Bain picked the following examples: "So, this is a fruit smoothie.  It has 60 grams of sugar.  We have a vitamin drink and it has 30 grams of sugar.  A lot of people give their kids these protein-based, probiotic heavy yogurts, but this yogurt has 26 grams of sugar.  Then we give our kids some snacks to take to school with them.  If we give them an energy bar, it has 26 grams of sugar.  Maybe give them this bar when they walk out the door.  We want them to be healthy when they walk out the door, (but there is) 16 grams per granola bar. When they come home, we give them some healthy tomato soup.  This is 15 grams per servings - two servings here.  If you take all these foods together, it adds up to this, 50 teaspoons of sugar."

That's enough to cover a dinner plate numerous times.  He continued, "We can make a few better choices and then our kids won't struggle with the things that come with obesity, like heart disease, diabetes, cancer and truthfully performance, being able to focus and perform well in school."

Linda Hurtado asked him, "So what is a working mom like me to do. Because this is easy to put in the lunch box, so is this, so is this."

Dr. Bain replied, "No, you're right. I get the problem. I have kids and we struggle with the problem as well.  I think you can still use these things once in a while you just have to decrease your total allotted amount of added sugar. So, instead of giving your child two protein bars maybe just one with a little less sugar."

Another thing you can do pack an apple or a piece of fruit that won't rot in the warm lunch bag.  And give your kids a 32-ounce bottle of water to take to school.

Dr. Bain says 90 percent of the problem with our kid's diets is in the sugary drinks we give them, and he says that includes sports drinks. Next time you buy one, take a look at the label.

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