No more extreme diets or gym memberships necessary with new slim down program suspension training

TAMPA - Memorial day is the unofficial start to summer and with the summer heat comes the beach, the pool and other outdoor activities. But do you feel like you just haven't got that beach body just yet?

What if someone told you, you're closer than you think with no extreme diet or gym membership necessary.

"This is the most revolutionary piece of equipment on the planet," says Dan Long, 30-year fitness trainer from the Bay Area.

He says the TRX suspension training system is the single-item you need to jumpstart your fat loss or to take your workout to the next level, helping the average person burn about 600 calories in just 30 minutes.

TRX has seen a cult-like following after a Navy Seal introduced it to the public just six years ago and with 100-percent portability, you can hang it anywhere!

Long has taken this new craze to a different level though by creating his "Suspension Revolution."

Its a series of 27 workouts filled with nearly 200 innovative moves.

"When you do short burst of intense workouts and you do something like a suspension workout, you're engaging all of the core muscles which is over 600 muscles at one time, you are shredding calories," says Long.

He adds it doesn't matter what your fitness level, because you can make it as easy or as hard as you want by just adjusting the straps and moving your feet.

"Its endless with this," says Long. "With one move you can go from beginner to advanced and you can hang the apparatus in less 5 seconds."

For more information on Suspension Revolution and where you can get a TRX of your own, visit


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