New way of detecting the most dangerous skin cancer

Skin cancer accounts for approximately 80% of all new cancers in America.

This type of cancer is preventable and curable, if you catch it early.

Now doctors have a new way of finding the most dangerous skin cancer of all.

It's a device called Melafind.

"Melafind is a device that was actually developed by the technology that they use to detect missiles", said dermatologist Dr. Susan Weinkle.

"The Melafind device can non-invasively, painlessly, exam a pigmented lesion on the skin."

Dr. Weinkle said it works like this, "The device has a hand piece that is put on the skin and then it gathers data about the color, the pigment, the depth, takes that info and compares it to a data base of 10,000 moles that have been examined and gives us feedback on how high a suspicion we should have of that lesion being a melanoma."

It's FDA approved. The cost varies from $150 to $250.

The doctor said insurance doesn't cover it yet because it's so new. "There's actually only 200 in the whole country right now, but as it becomes a more accepted took, I would hope insurance would cover it.

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