Middle school student with Treacher Collins sets example on being successful and being different

Treacher Collins isn't stopping Brooklynne

TAMPA - Brooklyn Medero loves math. In fact, she loves school so much, she's determined to make it to class even after recent surgery. This surgery was her 36th since birth.

"For my chin, my eyes, and sometimes my stomach when he's going to take fat out and sometimes for my ears," Brook explained.

In fact, Brooklyn was born deaf, without any ears, all a part of a condition called Treacher Collins.  

Her mother Julie Medero explainssays, "Treacher Collins syndrome is where a chromosome mutates at conception."

In her case, the bones and tissues in her face were affected, as was her hearing.

Despite all the issues she deals with daily, Brooklyn has become an example in her middle school, proving you can be successful and be different. 

Her brother Brandon believes she's an inspiration to other kids with disabilities. "When someone is not feeling right, she can talk to them better than someone like I could."

And she's standing up against those who chose to bully her or any other student with a disability. "I would say even if you have problems, you can get rid of the problems by just speaking up."

Her dad believes her positive way of dealing with negativity is what makes her a shining example for other pre-teens. 

"It's her attitude and willingness to be outgoing. She doesn't turn a negative face to anybody.  She's just awesome," her father Robert says.


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