Is working out in short, intense bursts better for building muscles? Check out Max Q Fitness

The next big trend?

TAMPA - It may look like a regular gym full of clients doing a typical work out on weight machines.  But, a closer look reveals something different.

This is the Max Q workout created by South Tampa fitness trainer Bob Kissel. He modified Nautilus machines with his own patented computerized weight control system that he says recognizes when you are at muscle fatigue and lowers the weight automatically to allow you to work at whatever strength you still have.

Kissel said every single rep is effective and you get results. "Every rep is like the very last rep you'd do on a conventional exercise machine, that you can barely do. When that happens, you create microscopic tears in your muscle fiber. The muscle adapts and responds and gets stronger," he said.

Clients like Vicky Walker also follow a high protein diet, eating protein six times a day. "I've lost 30 pounds in a month and a half."  She says she's able to do a modified workout-- injured.

The workout is becoming popular with the professional crowd because you're literally in and out in fifteen minutes and you only have to do it twice a week.  And you could actually show up in your work clothes and not even change.  

Kissel charges 16 to 30 dollars a session. How does that compare to gym memberships or personal training? Harry Hedaya said. "Actually, I think it's less.  I'm paying half of what I was paying before."

"I looked at his web site and his theories are good," said Steven Steinfeld, a physical therapist at St. Joseph's Hospital in Tampa. "I think it's probably a good program for some people, but not a great program for others."

Steven said newbies might not want to work their muscles at a maximum load right away, as it could cause injury.  But Kissel said he has beginners and even senior citizens as clients.

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