Innovative design gives hope that polluted air could eventually be made clean

MEXICO CITY - A hospital building in Mexico City is coated with a formula called "titanium dioxide".  When it's hit by the sun's u-v rays the reaction breaks down pollutants in the surrounding air into harmless compounds like water and carbon dioxide.

The more surface area the formula is exposed to, the stronger the reaction.  The design used in Mexico City is similar to corals.  What it does is create maximum surface area for the strongest reaction.  

Mexico was the first country to commission the project as part of a 20-billion dollar investment into health infrastructure.

The design of the building came from scientists in Berlin, Germany.  Designers say one new building can neutralize the effects of roughly 1,000 cars.

Mexico City needs many more of these buildings to combat current air pollution levels.  There are 4.5 million registered cars in Mexico city.  City officials say that number grows by 200,000 every year. 

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