Injuries to children from falling TV's on the rise despite slimmer sets

125% increase in falling TV injuries

TAMPA - Though TV's are getting slimmer and lighter, more children are getting injured or killed when a television set falls on top of them.  In the US, a child goes to the E.R. after such an accident every 45 minutes.
Bevin Maynard of Safe Kids Tampa showed us all the gadgets available to parents in their safety store at St. Joseph's Hospital.  She thinks she knows why injuries from falling TV sets have gone up 125 percent in a decade.

"We are seeing an increase because of the flat screens," said Maynard.  Researchers at the Journal Pediatrics agree.  One theory is that that people often do not mount the less stable flat screens to the wall as recommended.  And the new plasma purchase often means the bulky old set  goes to another room.

"Most homes now have three TVs' per household, and those are larger TV's that are going into the bedroom, even going into a kids bedroom, because they can put a DVD player in there," said Maynard.

The study in the journal Pediatrics showed roughly two-thirds of the victims of falling TV's are boys. Most are under five years old and the accident most often happens in a bedroom.

There are many ways to secure a TV or furniture to the wall. The important thing is to understand that a toddler will always try to explore their environment.

"That's why they are the most vulnerable of our children for any type of preventable injury.  It's your job as a parent to keep that home safe," said Maynard.

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