Hillsborough County is offering free vaccines and back-to-school physicals

Taking action for you with info on school shots

TAMPA - Robert Alderson brought his 12-year-old and 15-year-old daughters to the Hillsborough County Health Department clinic on 26th Avenue in Tampa for their back-to-school shots.

"Well I think it's a good way to make sure everyone in the schools get vaccinated. I know vaccinations work better if everybody or nearly everybody in the class has been vaccinated and I don't want my kids to get sick."

An up-to-date vaccine record is actually required to attend school here.

The State Health Department makes it easy by providing a website letting you know what is required for each grade and by providing those shots free of charge during pre-scheduled appointments, so there's no long wait.

Even young adults like Youstad Celine can take advantage of the program.

She's going to Hillsborough Community College and is getting a meningitis vaccine.

"Since it's free, I don't have to spend money on it and can spend it on something else." Like books or tuition.

Office Manager Kevin Argote says you should make an appointment early to avoid the late August rush.

"Clients came come into our clinic and we can interpret their shot record or they can visit their provider doctor and they can help them out."

Click here for a link to the free community Back To School immunizations schedule: http://wfts.tv/16k7kd9

To make an appointment at the Hillsborough clinic, call (813) 307-8077.

The clinic is located at 2002 E. 26th Ave., Tampa, Fla. 33605. 

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