Fitness craze brings a new twist to staying in shape

TAMPA - Both men and women are finding relief from their busy days by trying the latest fitness craze.

Barre fitness is a fusion of philosophies, including Pilates, yoga, dance and stretching.

Watch the full report on Barre Fitness in the video player above.

Instructors say no prior dance experience is required. Personal trainer Michael Gianeskis of South Tampa Fit says many of his clients are using barre fitness, in addition to their traditional gym workouts.

"I think it does go hand in hand with what we do. From what I know, with barre fitness, they really focus on strengthening up the core and that's really important", says Gianeskis.

Denise Tini, owner of Barre Fitness Tampa, says she thinks the reason barre fitness is gaining in popularity is because it's completely new and even athletes are impressed with the results.

"They are like I've never felt anything like this before. My muscles were shaking. I thought I was fit," says Tini.

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