Act of kindness by two TGH nurses may help cancer patient's prognosis

The Christmas spirit is alive at TGH

TAMPA - Carolyn Adams got a PET scan.

"I'm a little nervous," said Adams. "Because that will confirm whether it's good or bad."

Doctors needed to know if her uterine cancer has spread.

"Whatever it is, I'm going to fight it all the way," said Adams.

But Carolyn almost didn't make it this far. Out of work, with no income, her car broke down and she couldn't afford the $348 to fix it.

Stacy McClelland is a nurse at TGH.

"She was saying she was going to sell her furniture and she tried to do all kinds of things to get the money to fix her car," said McClelland.

The medical professionals at TGH, who barely even knew Carolyn, knew her plight could affect her prognosis, so they worked the phones, looking for help.

"First we tried the American Cancer Society, and then there wasn't a volunteer available," said McClelland. "Then we tried to see if there was a bus near to her house. Unfortunately, the closest was seven miles from her house."

They kept trying. Turns out that help was right there at the hospital. Sheila Fulle works with Stacy.

"We do have a fund here at Tampa General called Saints and Sisters, and it helps our oncology patients with funding for certain things," said Fulle.

Like car repairs and even gas. Carolyn is back on the road, and can now make her radiation treatments -- five a week.

"It's very important because nobody wants to die," said Adams. "You want to live if you can, and have better health. They just sent me letters telling me I wasn't alone. They aren't just helping me. They're helping a lot of people."

"I felt a huge relief for her that she was able to have something come through. It was like a Christmas present to her," said McClelland.

The American Cancer Society does have a volunteer program where volunteers drive cancer patients who either can't drive or don't have transportation to their appointments. To volunteer you can call 1-877-901-2862 or email

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