Everyday Adventures: TreeUmph! zipline & obstacle course

Additional tips and advice from first time "TreeUmphers"    

1. Take it slow. That's the best way make it through all the courses. They are challenging and the last few are the highest and most fun so you don't want to miss that.
2. Denintelly hydrate! You get tired and sweaty fast!
3. Pack a lunch and make a day of it! It takes hours to make it through the course especially if you have a few people in your group and if the course is busy there may be people ahead of you that are not moving through the course as fast as you are, so you may find yourself waiting.
4. Bring a cell phone with a camera or small camera. There are bags you can attach to your harness that will fit a small item like a water bottle or camera. The platforms are large enough for you to feel comfortable standing and snapping pictures with both hands.
5. The gloves they provide you are good but if you want extra cushion and padding bring workout or baseball gloves.
6. Defnintely wear pants or longer shorts to cover the harness area.
7. Go early in the year and early in the day. In February on a Sunday the weather was perfect in that it didn't get too hot. Get there early because the course closes at 3:00pm. They open at 7:30am and they stop letting adults on the course at 11:30am.
8. Don't be scared. The safety instructions and guides all over the course insure that you are safe and always have at least one clip on a line.
9. Do the big zipline at the end! Even if you get tired and don't feel like doing all the courses you can skip to the end and do the big zipline! It's the don't miss obstacle!
10. Be a cheerleader and encourage people in your group and others that may be struggling. It really does make a difference and enhances the experience.

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