Woman recalls teen romance turned nightmare now warning teens about unhealthy dating

Yuly could have had her pick of boyfriends, but when she was 16 years old, she only had eyes for one guy.

He was her first boyfriend.  He was nearly 10 years older.

Yuly said he treated her like a princess and spoiled her with gifts.

Yuly was flattered by the attention, but looking back, she says she sees that he was controlling her.

Their relationship moved quickly and at 18, Yuly moved in with her boyfriend.

That's where, she said, the nightmare began.

She said he got enraged when she mentioned that Valentine's Day was coming up.

According to Yuly, he became insulted, screamed at her and then got physically abusive.

"He just threw me," Yuly said. "There was a point that he hit me so hard, like he literally with his fist, so hard in my face, my lip was bleeding.  My nose was bleeding."

The scene, she said, was violent.

"There was blood everywhere, on the wall.  Pretty much every place he would throw me against, there was blood."

She made a break for freedom.

She stayed away for almost a year.

But then, like so many others, she eventually went back.

"I felt like, because of all the things he would say to me, that no one else would want me.  So my worth was below ground level.  I felt like no one is ever going to want me."

Yuly married her abuser and had a daughter.

She found the courage and the help to get out of the relationship, and get her daughter away from the abusive household.

She turned to Violet Watson, who has counseled many women and children in domestic violence situations.

"I don't want women to be fooled that these children are not hearing anything. They are hearing everything and they are affected and can be affected for a long time", said Watson.

Yuly said the experience gave her perspective."Now that I'm older, I look back and think, how come I didn't love myself more to understand that that's not how a man treats a woman?  That's not how a woman should allow a man to treat her.  I never saw that in my family.  My parents were never violent, no one in my family.I never grew up in that atmosphere."

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