Tampa non-profits work with juveniles and domestic violence prevention

Men mentor teens about healthy relationships

They may seem different, but Devante Robinson and Ricky Roberts are working toward the same goal on the front lines of domestic violence prevention.

Roberts formed a non-profit called "You Are Valued." He mentors teens, some of them in the juvenile justice system.

"The idea is to get to the root of what some of the behaviors are that we witness in troubled youth and when we see these behaviors and the things that we consider so wrong with teenagers specifically or young people, we have to ask what is at the root of it? What did that young person witness the night before?" said Roberts.

Robinson also has a non-profit called "Pro-Teen." He's helping to guide boys and girls from Tampa's east side out of trouble, and into making good choices, which includes respecting women.

"Essentially it's about, 'Hey this is how you treat a woman, this is how you be more productive or proactive or how you just get away from things that aren't going to help you be who you want to be,'" said Robinson.

"If we can impact just one person's life that would keep them out of a domestic violence household or encourage them, if they are living in a domestic violence household, that there are people that care for them, that are there for them, that are there to support them and just give them that peace to move forward in their life and break the cycle, then I feel like it's all worth it," said Roberts.

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