Countryside High School program called "Teen Dating 101" tackles domestic violence awareness

Program teaches teens about relationships

CLEARWATER, Fla. - We all remember the days of passing handwritten notes in school, but those days are over!

Tweets, Facebook, Snap-Chats and texts have replaced that human contact. Like teens across the country, students at Countryside High School in Clearwater have come to embrace technology as a "must" in any relationship, dating included.

That's why the school has a program during Domestic Violence Awareness Month in October where teachers can talk openly to teens about dating and healthy relationships.

 It's called "Teen Dating 101."

One of the speakers was domestic violence survivor, Melissa Dohme, who talked about the stabbing attack by her high school boyfriend that nearly killed her.  

The domestic violence center, The Haven, brings in a quiz as part of this program. It helps teens determine whether they are in an unhealthy dating relationship.

They say coming on very strong or getting extremely jealous are some of the warning signs.  

Chris Warwick, the director of The Haven, says programs like these are necessary in all schools. "We know that we can build bigger and bigger shelters, but that's not going to stop domestic violence. We need to do prevention," said Warwick.

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