ABC Action News is Taking Action Against Domestic Violence

The 'Taking Action Against Domestic Violence' campaign raises awareness of domestic violence and dating abuse. 

More than reports on local cases, this is a year-round, community outreach project built around the Florida Domestic Violence Hotline (1-800-500-1119) and Tampa Bay’s 12 state-certified DV centers. 

The hotline is the first line of defense, serving as a lifeline to victims and worried loved ones. Each caller is connected with experts at the state certified DV center closest to him or her. This webpage also provides easy access to local DV centers with links to each.   
During national domestic violence awareness month in October, ABC Action News produces an annual 1-hour special.  This documentary style program is a centerpiece of an intensified effort each September through October. 

For 6 weeks and across all media platforms, you'll see special reports, public appearances with DV centers and we'll present the annual “Taking Action Against Domestic Violence Officer-of-the-Year Award” to a local first responder. 

Since the campaign’s 2009 launch, the Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence (FCADV) reports a 77% increase in calls to its statewide DV hotline and attributes that increase specifically this awareness campaign at WFTS TV.  

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