Local woman threatens to blow up elementary school

Comments come days after Connecticut tragedy

LITHIA, Fla. -
A parent of an elementary school student is behind bars for threatening to blow up her child's school.  Jessica Schauer, 26, was arrested at her home after reportedly making the comments at Pinecrest Elementary School in Lithia.
According to the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office, Schauer was at the school when she told someone, "Don't bring your kid to school that day." When questioned about what day she meant, she allegedly responded, "The day I blow it up." 
The comments came just days after the tragic elementary school massacre in Connecticut. 
"We've certainly let students know that this is not a week to be making jokes or spreading rumors," said Hillsborough County School District spokesman Steve Hegarty.
Two witnesses reported hearing Schauer make the comments. They notified the principal, who contact law enforcement. 
"This week is a really bad week to make a comment like that," Hegarty said.
Schauer was charged with making a bomb threat, and as of Friday evening, was still behind bars with a $7,500 bond. 
There were no details on what may have motivated the comment, or whether it was intended as a joke. But regardless, parents at Pinecrest didn't find anything about the comments funny.
"You can't do that. Whether you're joking or not, you can't say things like that anymore," said parent Amanda Nowland.
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