Company offers home invasion insurance

Second Defense Alliance charges monthly fee

TAMPA - It's a nightmare scenario that a family would never want to deal with, but not being protected could potentially cost thousands of dollars. 

That's the message from Second Defense Alliance, a company offering services in the event of a home invasion robbery, where a resident has to fire a gun at the robber for self-defense.

Second Defense Alliance claims that millions of people buy guns for protection, but give little thought to the consequences of using them.

"That's when some of the problems can really start," said Tim Brennan, chief operating officer for the company.  

Brennan said the company offers three essential services:

- Legal defense and bail bonds
- Medical expenses and counseling
- Scene clean-up and burial expenses

"Imagine you have somebody very seriously injured, maybe multiple people.  Or you might have somebody dead in you living room," Brennan said.  "You really do want to have an attorney," he said.

Brennan said families might face civil action from a home invader following a shooting incident, and the service would cover those costs.

The company said the monthly fee is $11 a month, rough 35 cents a day.  Second Defense Alliance claims there are 8000 home invasions in the U.S. every day, so it's prudent to be protected.

"I know what it's like to be worried if I have to shoot somebody or take care of family that way," said Jody Moore, a Palm Beach County resident.  "What's my back up?" he asked.

The back up, according to company officials, is to buy their service to avoid legal costs and services that could add up to tens of thousands of dollars.

"It's stupid.  It's idiotic," said Joe Episcopo, and attorney and legal analyst.  "You have a right to defend yourself in your home, and you can shoot someone.  You don't need insurance for that," Episcopo said.

Episcopo said the likelihood of a home invasion shooting for most families is extremely low, and a victim could easily hire an attorney at the time of incident.  Episcopo was also skeptical about the quality of the legal defense.

"I can't believe anyone would pay money for something like this," Episcopo said.

Still, Jody Moore said as a gun owner and a father of four kids, it's a small price to pay for the peace of mind.

"For the cost, it's really nothing," Moore said.  "When you look at the cost of it year to year, why not have it?"

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