A local family gets a Christmas home makeover from "angels" Lauren and Stephanie Murray

Christmas is still fresh for the Perrys and their five kids. Norris got his PlayStation and sister Kim just can't put her new laptop down.

Since father Antonio Perry was hit by a car in early December, he's been out of work, and the family wondered how there would even be a Christmas with no income.

"It would have been hard," said mother Lashana Perry. "They really would have gotten nothing."

Lashana says out of nowhere came angels sent by God. She's talking about Lauren and Stephanie Murray, the mother and sister of University of Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray. They played Santa Christmas morning.

"We came and dropped the gifts off," Lauren said, "But we soon realized that this family needed much more."

Norris had his PlayStation but no TV. Kim had the laptop but no desk. So Stephanie had an idea. "Giving to someone that actually needs something versus giving to someone who doesn't need anything. I just felt that was more where my heart was this Christmas," she said. 

So the Murrays gave up Christmas shopping for the family. Lauren went on Facebook to gather enough help to do a home makeover.

The crew cleaned up and painted. In one bedroom, all five kids slept together on a floor mattress. Mom and dad did the same in the other bedroom. Now each kid will have his own bed with personalized name plates. The Perrys were put up in a hotel until the job is done. Lashana says she already knows what her reaction will be. "To be filled with tears when I get there ... cause I know they're doing an amazing job."

"From me and my family ... we love y'all and thank you," she said.

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