St. Pete rapper who inspired James Franco's Spring Breakers' role, busted on drug charges

'Dangeruss' charged with selling marijuana


For just a brief moment, those who sat through the movie 'Spring Breakers' got to see the rapper who was the inspiration for the leading role played by actor James Franco.  Russell Curry stood behind Franco in a scene where Franco was singing on a stage.


Curry's world has now shifted from movie fantasy to the cold reality of a jail cell.  The rapper, known as 'Dangeruss,' was arrested on charges of drug dealing and drug possession during a sting operation by Pinellas Park Police.


The investigation was at the Lauren Manor Apartments, where police had received reports of drug problems.


"We were seeing a lot of complaints," said Sgt. Adam Geissenberger with Pinellas Park Police.  "Open air drug sales.  People coming and going all hours of the day and night."


Called Operation Eviction, undercover officers infiltrated the complex, making friends with the dealers, including Curry, and after several weeks made arrests.


In addition to Curry, police arrested Jimmy Jones, 42, and Corey Devonshire, 28, who was on probation for gun trafficking.  


"This was a very violent individual that we were able to get off the street as well," Geissenberger said.


The rapper, who's most popular song is about a fork used to mix cocaine products, is charged with two counts of drug dealing and possession of marijuana.  Curry was taken to the Pinellas County Jail and held on $20.000 bail.


Police said the case is an example of how real life doesn't match the glamorization of videos and movie clips portrayed by Curry.


"That was the life that he was living, and true to his word, it ended with his arrest," Geissenberger said.




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