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Vesh Catering is a full service Catering company that started in Amelia Island Florida. Currently we have a sit down restaurant and full bar located inside the Groves Golf and Country Club. We have been in business over 11 years with 5 years at this location. Vesh sit down restaurant offers American causal foods and a low key atmosphere for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The menu is everything from our popular French onion soup, prime rib on Fridays and even themed events including our chef stationed pasta bar all open to the public.
Specialty catering foods and to-go menu foods can be picked up at our location or delivered! Vesh offers a full range of catering menus and full service event options to fit many budgets. We have even catered for up to 1200 people recently in the Wesley Chapel Nissan for a Motor Trend Mario Lopez Event and also at The Florida
Hospital Center Ice during the Tampa Bay Idol tryouts.

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Pan Seared Crab Cake Burger with A Spicy Lime Aioli
Recipe Yields:
1 Batch
Jumbo lump crab meat gently folded together with old bay, lemon, spices and a touch of
tabasco served on a potato kaiser roll with our signature spiced lime aioli
Qty Measure Preparation Ingredient
1 Pound Drained Well Jumbo Lump Crab Meat
4 Oz - Dry Packed Mayonnaise
1 Each Crumbled Whole Egg
1 Half Juiced Lemon
2 Dash Tabasco Sauce
1 Dash Worcestershire Sauce
1 Tblsp - Dry Old Bay Seasoning
4 Sprig Chopped Parsley
2 Slice Diced Bread, White
1 Tsp - Dry Kitchen Salt and Pepper Mix
1. Pick the crab meat for shells
2. In a small bowl add the mayo, egg, juiced lemon (no seeds), tabasco sauce, old bay and parsley whisk enough to combine the
3. Add the diced bread-Crust removed and mix in
4. Add the picked crab, salt and pepper and mix using your hands
5. DO No overmix and keep the crab chunky you want to be able to see the really crab meat
6. Patty into desired size portions
7. Pan sear with clarified butter on each side until golden
Tip: If making thicker burgers finish in the oven at 375F for 8-10 minutes until golden brown

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