Tampa Theatre wants to "Cush Your Tush"!

From www.tampatheatre.org

"Perhaps the No. 1 complaint we receive from our patrons is about our seats. But contrary to popular belief, these are *not* the original chairs – which were stuffed with horse hair and probably even more uncomfortable. The current seats were actually installed in 1976, and trust us: we know that they are well beyond their useful life and do not provide the amenities that today’s audiences expect. The new seats will combine modern-day comfort, more leg room, and cup holders with the classic look of the original 1926 profile. The new plan will also incorporate enhanced ADA accommodations, with improved wheelchair areas and companion seating.

At the same time that we reseat the auditorium, we will also install new carpet that duplicates the original 1926 geometric pattern, along with matching drapes onstage and throughout the auditorium, all designed with an eye toward architect John Eberson’s original vision for “The Tampa.” "

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