SPANX Founder and CEO Sara Blakely

Just in Time for Fall Wardrobe Styling, SPANX Founder and CEO Sara Blakely Introduces Her Latest Invention – ARM TIGHTS™! 
Since cutting out the feet of her pantyhose and ultimately revolutionizing the way women dress with the creation of SPANX™, Sara has once again created a much-needed wardrobe solution that will transform women’s closets everywhere. 
Five years in the making, Arm Tights™ are the first of their kind! Made on a hosiery machine, they’re lightweight, breathable, and without the bulk that comes with other layering options. With no seam down the arm, Arm Tights™ give a true 360° flawless look, offering endless styling options for year-round wardrobes. Arm Tights™ will be offered in a variety of colors ranging from neutrals such as Very Black and Cream Cable Knit, to bright options including Hi-Yellow and Cobalt. For only about $30 – Arm Tights™ are the ultimate fall fashion must have!


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