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Serial Killer with Piers Morgan

Posted: 3:34 PM, Jul 17, 2018
Updated: 2018-07-17 19:34:25Z

Best Known as Host of Piers Morgan Live and as a Judge on America’s Got Talent for many seasons, Morgan is Currently Host and Executive Producer of a New Crime Series on Oxygen…

Serial Killer with Piers Morgan 

Piers delves into the minds of killers who haunted communities for decades and attempts to discover what drove them to murder. In the premiere, Piers meets with Mark Riebe. Riebe was convicted of one murder but confessed to police to the abduction and killing of twelve women. Police believe if true, Riebe is one of the worst serial killers in Florida’s history. In the next episode, Piers goes to Lorenzo Gilyard, also known as the Kansas City Strangler. For nearly two decades Gilyard brought fear to the streets of Kansas City, Missouri. Incarcerated for six murders, he is the prime suspect in seven others. Until now, he has never spoken about his crimes and Piers sets out to discover what drove this seemingly ordinary man to kill.