Rush Hour Chicken and Waffles

Rush Hour Chicken and Waffles is truly southern cuisine in an urban new world setting. The focus of Rush Hour Chicken and Waffles is on classic southern cuisine with new world flair. The monumental of southern cooking also includes the fun of innovation and discovery with fresh ingredients imaginative seasons . Each dish is carefully prepared and plated to appeal the palate and the eye. For the past two decades Chef Rush has dedicated his life to his passion and aspiration of success. as a child he knew that he was destined for success despite the odds that life presents.   Rush Hour Chicken and Waffles is the brainchild of  Chef Rush.  With a skillful crafting menu of soulful favorites in signature dishes such as chicken and waffles smothered chicken Chicken wings  shrimp and grits fried green tomatoes and fish and grits with breakfast served all day . Chef Rush is  well on his way to establishing Rush Hour Chicken and Waffles as one of the outstanding new addition to  the Bay's culinary scene. 

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