Protect Yourself from Cyber Criminals

With so many high profile cyber-attacks in the news this year, it is more important than ever to remain vigilant in keeping our personal information private. Cyber Monday is the most anticipated shopping day of the holiday shopping season, with 72% of consumers consistently more excited for Cyber Monday than any other end-of-year sales day, including Black Friday and the day after Christmas, according to a study[] by retail analytics firm Euclid. Unfortunately Cybercriminals are responding by ramping up their efforts to attack the millions of Americans who are taking advantage of holiday deals.
Most of us are already familiar with the basics – creating unique and different passwords for each of our accounts, how to recognize a secure website, and regularly monitoring credit card statements to keep an eye out for fraudulent activity. Yet, as cyber criminals become more sophisticated, the list of things consumers need to do to say vigilant becomes longer. Computer security expert David Dufour shares his top tips on keeping your personal information personal this holiday season and beyond.  

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