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Protect Your Personal Information while Gaming

Posted at 10:12 AM, Dec 14, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-14 10:12:49-05

As we’ve spent more time online than ever before in the past year, hackers have looked to take advantage, exploring new ways to try to lure in victims. One of their latest tactics? Reaching consumers in new forums, like online gaming.

People are often surprised to hear that hackers would be remotely interested in gamers – but the truth is, gaming profiles can hold a lot of valuable personal information! The unprecedented Twitch Data Breach last month that exposed popular streamers’ sensitive information is a prime example of this – but it’s not just hardcore gamers who are of interest. A new Norton report finds that even casual gamers get caught in the crosshairs, shedding light on the very real impact cyberattacks have on all gamers:

  • Nearly half (47%) of adult gamers in the U.S. have had their gaming account or device targeted by a cyberattack
  • 76% were affected financially as a result
  • The average monetary loss = $744

The same study uncovered striking findings about gamer-to-gamer cyber risks and the ‘win at all costs’ attitude among some gamers. 1 in 4 adult gamers (23%) in the U.S. admit they’re likely to hack into the gaming account of a friend, family member or romantic partner for a competitive edge. When zeroing in on hardcore gamers, that figure jumps up to 2 in 5 (42%).

So, how do you help put an end to the hackers’ game? Darren Shou, Head of Technology for NortonLifeLock, is available to help draw up a game plan to gain the advantage. He can:

· Break down all the surprising findings in the report

· Outline the risky behaviors that can make gamers more at-risk online

· Discuss the scams gamers typically fall for

· Give tips to help gamers stay safe online

Darren Shou is the Head of Technology for NortonLifeLock. In this role, Darren is responsible for technology strategy, innovation and thought leadership. He is a global keynote speaker, a contributor at WIRED, and has been featured in Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, CNN and other major media outlets.

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