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Parents Guide to Online Learning

Posted at 9:40 AM, Jan 07, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-07 11:13:22-05

In the new world of virtual learning, getting kids to excel in academics can prove to be a bit of a challenge. Mom and seasoned educator with a doctorate degree in Distance Education, Dr. Michelle Frankich shares the latest research and strategies to reduce frustration and increase academic excellence in an online environment.
Virtual Teach hosts courses are helping parents support their kids during their virtual learning this school year.

Check out Parent's Guide to Online Learning.

Dr. Frankich suggests the following four strategies to reduce frustration and increase academic excellence.

Awareness- Parents need to be aware of the expectations of their child in the online program. What are the requirements, is there a set schedule, if not, then set one. Is the instruction synchronous or asynchronous, blended or full virtual? Understand the limitations and challenges of each of those modes of delivery of instruction. Awareness also means that your child knows that you are aware of what they are doing and you are interested in what they worked on each day.

Attitude- This is probably the most challenging element to success because we were all thrusted into this new way of learning. Your attitude towards the online program is contagious. If you are negative or non-supportive, your child will adopt that same attitude. We are all in this together. Being a supporter, a positive encourager is vital. Instill confidence in your child that they can achieve in a virtual program.

Active Engagement- Be actively engaged. Ask questions, log in and keep track of progress, email the teacher. Set up rewards systems, engage in conversation about your child's class that day. Be sure to make it a positive engaged discussion. Also, actively engage with other parents, start a support group on Facebook, do a text group chat with other parents to ask questions or confirm the information and due dates. Take action and be engaged in the process.

Aptitude- Not all of us are technically inclined to do well interacting or learning online. It takes skill and confidence. Become familiar with the learning management system that the district or school is using. Ask your child to show you their course room and how they communicate with their teacher. Online learning environments all basically have the same elements to them.

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