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MTV's Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant

Posted at 11:16 AM, Jul 11, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-11 11:16:12-04

Young moms Kayla, Brianna, Kiaya, Rachel and Madisen navigate the challenges of being young moms, and learn to lean on each other when it feels like there's nowhere else to turn. In an all new season of MTV’s Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant, the group meets up in person for the first time, where they form bonds and learn to lean on each other through the trials of family relationships, absentee partners, and all of the responsibilities that come with having a child. When it feels like there’s nowhere else to turn, these moms have each other.

With Kayla’s ex Stephan long out of the picture, Luke has stepped up to be a father to Izaiah and their daughter Ariah. But after a dramatic fallout with Luke’s family, Kayla isn’t on speaking terms with them, and Luke is stuck torn between his family and his girlfriend. On top of that the couples’ past infidelities are still a recurring issue, and their relationship is on the brink of falling apart. While Kayla hasn’t given up on the relationship yet, she is starting to feel like they both need some space, but things get tricky when Luke decides to propose. Will Kayla say yes? Or will she make a tough realization that they are better off not together?

After 4 years in prison Amour’s father X’Zayveon is coming home soon. Although Kiaya doesn’t want Amour growing up without his father, she has no idea what to expect from X’Zayveon when he comes home and worries that everyone may not be on the same page regarding co-parenting Amour. Kiaya and Teazha have been doing well raising Amour while continuing to not put labels on their relationship, but will the pressure of Zay coming home cause them to implode?

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