Losing weight and living life to the fullest!

Cindi's Tips!
The #1 New Year's resolution is to get healthy and for many people that means losing weight. Now there is a great weight loss tool that is helping patients lose 3 times the weight of traditional weight loss programs. It's called ORBERA and it's the #1 weight loss balloon in the world. ORBERA’s balloon technology that takes up space in your stomach, help you feel full and stick to your diet.   For more information go to Orbera.com

If your resolution is to get healthy and live life to the fullest then you might consider a Korean TempleStay!  Templestay is a program that enables participants to experience firsthand the 1700-year old Korean Buddhist culture and meditation at a traditional Korean temple. You’ll also get to experience the amazing Korean Temple Food, it’s natural, health and meditation food.  For more information go to koreantemplefood.com

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