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Keeping Pets Healthy as they Age

Posted at 8:40 AM, Oct 06, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-06 08:40:08-04

SPCA Tampa Bay is a For-All shelter and we support a healthy community and animal welfare. Being a “for-all” shelter means that SPCA Tampa Bay will not limit admission or refuse to take in a pet. We are for ALL shapes, colors, species, breeds, ages, and situations.

ALL are welcome here!

SPCA Tampa Bay has a reminder that just like humans, our pets experience age-related
health issues as they advance in years. Some areas of concern for older pets that you should discuss with your veterinarian include:

Food and diet: Overweight pets have an increased risk of health concerns like high blood pressure, diabetes, and liver disease. It’s particularly important to manage older pets’
weight appropriately, as their advanced age can compound their risk of these issues.

And just like humans, arthritis, diabetes, and heart disease are a few other conditions that can develop in older pets. Pets often experience joint disease or arthritis as they age. Some signs include having trouble sitting or standing, hesitating to jump or climb stairs, and being less interested in playing. Treatments like medication to relieve pain, or even acupuncture, along with proper diet and exercise to help maintain a healthy weight, can help to alleviate your pet’s symptoms.

If you have an older dog or cat can you still have them spay or neuter? Many people spay or neuter their pets at a young age, but an older pet can still receive health benefits from being spayed or neutered, such as eliminating the risk of ovarian or testicular cancer. As with any operation for an older pet, consult with your vet about the best anesthesia protocols and post-op procedures to ensure the safest outcome for your pet.

To learn more, and see animals available for adoption visit: spcatampabay.org.

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