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How New College Grads Can Beat the Odds in Landing Their “Dream” Job

Posted at 12:53 PM, Jun 19, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-19 12:53:45-04

DELATORRO L. MCNEAL, II is a Student Success Expert, Educational Consultant, TV Personality & Best-Selling Author. CEO of CRUSH University.

Tips for College Grads
1 – Know the company inside and out so you can stand out in your initial contact and in interviews (And, post follow ups)
2 – Connect with Your Alumni Association! You have favor with professionals you don't even realize just because of the school you are graduating from. Take advantage of this by joining and getting active in your school’s Alumni Association so you can find mentors, professional colleagues and opportunities.
3 - Leverage LinkedIn immediately before and after graduation – connect with CEO-owners of companies in your field and send personalized, meaningful messages
4 – Attend Local Chapters of National Associations! Most professional associations have a student rates and mentoring programs that allow students to get access potential mentors in their chosen profession. 5 - Tailor Your Resume for Each Job you Apply For. The days of a one-size fits all resume are OVER. You must customize your resume for each position by adding the keywords and industry terms that are most relevant to that opportunity.

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