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How DNA Testing Can Transform Your Mental Wellness

Posted at 10:53 AM, Aug 17, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-17 10:53:55-04

Living with a mental health condition can pose a challenge even in “normal” times.

Then COVID-19 came along. Quarantine, distancing, not seeing family and loved ones, and economic worries have all added to the struggles of people dealing with mental illness.

And if you are a parent, you might be trying to deal with your own mental and emotional struggles while also taking on the burden of worrying about your child’s mental health. Back-to-school anxiety is at an all-time high this year as families struggle with the reality that school will be distance learning. Or for those returning to classrooms, at worst, a potentially higher risk of infection, or at best, a vastly different environment with masks, no recess and other distancing measures. It can all leave parents wondering when will this end? Will the last five months – and whatever may be coming this fall – have a lasting effect on their kids’ mental well-being?

So how can you take back control of your mental wellness in the age of COVID-19?

A first-ever consumer DNA test can unlock the connection between genetics and mental wellness. One cheek swab will produce results that will help you better understand how your genes affect your predisposition for stress, focus, substance abuse, sleep, etc. Are you hardwired to become addicted to certain substances or exhibit certain behaviors that impact your quality of life? What can you do about it? With these DNA results, you can take more informed action to improve your mental well-being.

For more information visit: Mentalhealthmap.com and use discount code "MHMFALL5"

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