Florida Hospital Tampa offers a breakthrough technology!

Florida Hospital Tampa is the first facility in the southeastern United States to offer a breakthrough technology that produces 3- dimensional virtual reality (VR) models of a patient’s brain. Using the same advanced VR technology used in military flight simulators, the hospital’s Surgical Reality program combines MRI and CT scans of patients to provide personalized, 3D views of their brain tumor or aneurysm. : The Surgical Reality program at Florida Hospital Tampa allows patients to see their brain tumor or aneurysm the way the neurosurgeon sees it. The surgeon can walk inside the surgical plan—into a 360° model of the patient’s own specific anatomy and diagnosis—to give patients and families an understanding they need to make complex medical decisions. It gives them a better understanding of the surgical approach, the extent of their surgery, complications that may arise, and potential options.
For more information go to www.FHSurgicalReality.com

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