Celebrate National S'mores Month at Dough!

Whimsical, refreshing and delightfully sweet, Dough is the candy-coated sister to the iconic Tampa restaurant Datz. But don’t let its persona fool you. This sugar-scented heaven is producing Tampa’s most swoon worthy sweets. Confectioneers Tina Contes and Jen Greif Reese manage a team of round-the-clock bakers producing a candy-aisle inspired collection of cupcakes, cheesecakes and cookies. Butterfinger, Oreos and Fruity Pebbles all make the cut as do more classic endeavors, like S’mores Brownies, oversized Apple Fritters and Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookies. Seven days a week, the shelves are stocked with a delicious rotation of hole-y masterpieces, be they raised, glazed, twisted or puffed.


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