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“A Loud House Christmas” on Nickelodeon

Posted at 9:34 AM, Nov 26, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-26 09:34:28-05

Lincoln is gearing up for the ultimate Christmas until he finds out that most of his sisters have plans to be elsewhere for the big day. Determined to remind his family that they all need to be together, Lincoln and his best friend Clyde embark on a mission to sabotage their plans and preserve the family's holiday traditions.

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Wolfgang Schaeffer

Lincoln Loud in A Loud House Christmas

Wolfgang Schaeffer stars as Lincoln Loud, the middle child of the Loud family. At 11 years old, he’s in between five older sisters and five younger sisters and has learned that surviving the Loud household means staying a step ahead. He’s the man with a plan, always coming up with a way to get what he wants or deal with a problem, even if things inevitably go wrong. Being the only boy comes with some perks, but it also means he sometimes gets a little too much attention from his sisters. They mother him, tease him and use him as the occasional lab rat, but he loves them and is always willing to help out if they need him.


Clyde McBride in A Loud House Christmas

Jahzir Bruno stars as Clyde McBride, Lincoln’s partner in crime. He’s always willing to go along with Lincoln’s wild schemes, even if he sees the flaws in them upfront. As an only child, Clyde envies Lincoln for always having siblings around to talk to, but since he spends so much time at the Loud household, he’s practically an honorary sibling already.

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