The Buy-It-Guy: ½ off deal websites you need to know about

Some of you may have heard of, or  For those of you who have not, you may want to add sites like these to your favorites. 

These websites offer half-off deals if enough people, like you, are interested.   However, some websites may not require a minimum interest and will offer the deal.

For example, I bought a $30 gift certificate for $15.  My wife and I enjoyed $30 worth of Sushi and only had to folk over $15 to buy the certificate online.

How do you do it?

Visit the following websites daily to see what deals are going on:

If you are interested in the deal of the day, click the "BUY" or "BUY NOW" button.

You may have to set up a "sign in" with the website, but it shouldn't take very long.

Fill out the info they ask. You can pay by credit card or debit card.

If there is no minimum number of people needed to "activate" the deal, you may print your certificate right away. ( may require a minimum number of people interested in the deal before the deal is "activated" and able to be purchased).

You will not be charged until deal is activated!  You will receive an email stating that the deal has been activated or that there was not enough interest in the deal.  If there is not enough interest, you will not be charged. offers coupon codes from time to time. 
Not only will you get the normal half off, but you can save an additional percentage of up to 60% using a coupon code!

Some offers that do not have a minimum of interest:

Creative Loafing ( offers deals that do not require a minimum. Some places may include: Bavaro's, Shrimp and Co., Malio's Prime Steakhouse and Keel and Curley Winery. 

So is it worth it? Heck yes!  So get going!  Start saving!  Look for my other saving tips to come. 

Do you have a money saving idea you want to share?

Feel free to email me: or leave a comment and share it.

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