World War II veteran's death leaves widow fighting for VA benefits.

Veteran's widow has questions for the VA

SPRING HILL, Fla. - Like so many in his day Alex Johnson found the girl then went off to serve his country. Alex and Flora celebrated 65 years of marriage before he passed away in November.

The 84-year-old received full disability from the VA.  His wife qualified for a widow's pension, but the couple's daughter, Linda Stoots, discovered the claims process could take two years.

Stoots says she called multiple VA offices and local veteran's advocates, but no one, it seemed, could help.  Without the $1,200 widow's benefit, she worried her mother would have to sell the family home.

After listening to Linda's story, I contacted the VA's regional office in St. Pete.  They relayed the information to the pension management center in Philadelphia.  Days later, the family received a letter stating the benefit would be granted.

And this week, the promised check arrived in the mail.  It included back pay to cover the three months Flora Johnson has been waiting.

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