Taking Action for Your Parents: What you need to know about your aging parents' finances

Taking Action for Parents

Many residents are hitting the right notes at Pinecrest Place in Largo. Evelyn Sibilla is among them.

After her husband passed away, she decided to leave Las Vegas and move into the independent living community to be near her daughter Diana.

Besides finding the right place to live, Diana and her siblings worked to make sure they knew as much as they could when it came to their mother's finances.

Michele Manzo-Lembo with Always Best Care Senior Services said Diana and her siblings are on the right track in their planning for their mother.

She advised that adult caregivers be thorough when examining their parents financial information.  If possible, set up a joint account so that a son or daughter has access to funds in the event of an emergency.

As this family learned, it is never to early to start planning for your parent's future.

On Friday, experts will be here at ABC Action News at noon to answer your calls about financial planning for your parents. The number to call will be 1-888-209-8881.     




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